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First of all, I would like to introduce myself :3 My name is Shawna and Disney rules my life lol. 21, California, Lesbian, and I have a mad crave to constantly create anything Disney related. <3



Photobucket Silver from Treasure Planet

Jim Along with Jim Of course <3

Giselle Love love looove Enchanted.

Photobucket Photobucket Both Snow white and Sora were done on paper.

The rest of my art can be found here : http://cicatricemiki.deviantart.com/



Photobucket Myself as Jim from Treasure Planet. The board was CG'd, I believe it belongs to Disney world?

Photobucket My friend Eric, did Silver. I made the costume myself, but it wouldn't be the same if he weren't in it <3

Photobucket In progress Ariel costume. The shells were a lot of fun to make!

Photobucket Mickey Mouse from Kingdom Hearts two.

Photobucket Big shoes are biiiig.

Photobucket With Donald and Goofy :D

Photobucket Good shot of Silver's arm.



Treasure Planet <3

Kingdom Hearts <3

And the Little Mermaid <3


And thats pretty much it. :3 Thanks for looking!!
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