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For Fans of the Disney Guys

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This community is for fans of Disney guys. Are you one of those people who just can't stop holding your Disney plushie? Or keeps rewinding just to see that one scene with that guy? Well, this is the place for you! Now there are some rules...

1. Only talk about Disney here. No spammming!
2. I want you to actually be a FAN. Don't just like so and so "BeCaUsE He'S SoooOOOoo HoT and He'S MInE!1!1" that's just scary. And it won't be tolerated.
3. Treat other members with respect...if I find out you're cussing one out or anything, I will ban you. Simple as that.
4. Fanart and fanfics are allowed, as long as they're about Disney.

I think that's it...well...I hope you enjoy this community, bye!

Special thanks to saft for help on finding the Kenai background image.

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